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Been back I the city for an hour and we already have a date with the playground.
Relay 4 Life
#tbt to an aua tournament in Vegas back in 2008.  happy national siblings day lil nigga
My new app Vegas Video Poker is officially for sale! It’s free so don’t hesitate to download it! You’ll be addicted within minutes! Link is in the bio.
So happy to finally be an active member of the Sigma Omega chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity! We did it boys! #ΑΕΚΔΒ #ΚΣ @ramsey_s @bobbyburke94 @manassero16
#VegasVideoPoker #comingsoon
Casual karaoke at 1:30 am. Read the lyrics.
#tbt to a simpler time lol
I’m always “that guy” at the games. Congrats on a great season Crusaders. Much love.
#tbt to when I sat court side at last year’s big dance. Shit was insane!
Little bra going to Norcals #weR
The living is too easy
I will 4 peat this year. #marchmadness
#latepost to last night @ramsey_s